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Tech Workshops

  • Most workshops are 1 hour long with an additional 30 minutes for questions. 

  • These talks can be online, but in-person is preferred and much more effective.

  • The Tech Savvy <> Tech Safe talk satisfies the annual Circle of Grace requirement for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

  • The Digital Literacy and Citizenship talks satisfy several requirements for youth organizations seeking merit badges.


Tech Savvy <> Tech Safe

This talk, designed for teens and parents, will provide awareness to risks facing youth as they prepare for their adult years. Everyone should know how to recognize social engineering and predatory behavior.

Digital Literacy

Learn about privacy and security and why they are not the same. Cultivate critical thinking skills when navigating information online.  Create a plan for family cybersecurity.

Securing Kids:
Slow Tech Rollout

Uncontrolled access to mobile technology in the hands of children are ruining their future. What children do not learn from their parents will be taught to them by the world. How to pull the plug today and roll it out later when appropriate.

Digital Citizenship

How to teach responsible online behavior to children and teens. Learn how to avoid conflicts and predatory behavior. In both gathering and sharing information, there are life-changing pitfalls where young minds can suffer. 

Parental Rights and Authority

For a limited time only, our children are entrusted to us. How does our juridical and moral authority have an impact on their lives? Spoiler alert: Parenthood cannot be automated! How to re-engage with your children at any age.

Hands On Workshops

Learn in a small group setting how to configure parental controls and qualify needs for various apps. Too many options can be just as dangerous as not using any option. What is a parent to do?


Paul Stoessel is available to come speak to your parish or school community. Use the form below or call 281-549-2545.

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